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 Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Chuunin
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PostSubject: Crime and Punishment   Crime and Punishment EmptyTue Jan 14, 2014 10:18 am

Crime and Punishments

We've talked previously about banning, quitting and gaming the system on our site. Such things we don't tolerate and have specific mentions of them. However, sometimes things happen that cause us to issue out punishments. We don't like doing it, and we don't want to, but member's must be aware of just such occurrences before hand. Below, we have listed the most commonly occurring crimes

  • Taking training from other sites/fan-fictions/places (even if its your own)
  • Meta-gaming your character
  • Abusing meta-knowledge in an attempt to circumvent the sites rules
  • Gaming the system
  • Causing mass disruption/intent to cause harm to the site
  • Circumventing bans/restrictions
  • Not following the rules
  • Constantly being belligerent to staff and about the site
  • Spamming to garner ninja points or other such spamming
  • Abusing staff position
  • Elite holding with constant inactivity (staff digression)
  • Harassing members/staff both on the forum and off of it
  • Damaging our site (Deleting posts, systems, refusal to leave, threatening to steal/take/attack our forum)

Most of the time, small crimes are considered minor punishments, and have a minimal effect on the character. Generally speaking, staff are pretty lenient on how they go about enforcing such punishments, but staff won't be brow beaten into forcing a punishment on a member because another member wants us to. Its at our digression to do so.

Punishments, generally range from the following

  • Barely Minor (instants of meta-gaming) - Post Voiding (No do-over) and loss of 20-50 NP
  • Minor infraction (possible several instances of meta-gaming or not following the rules - Post Voiding (No do-over and loss of 50-100 NP
  • Infraction (A pattern of infractions, or not following the rules - Possible post voiding and loss of 100-200 NP
  • Large Infraction (Taking trainings from another site/place, stealing another's work etc) - Voiding of training, loss of what training would have gained, and loss of 200-500 NP
  • Severe Punishment (No real way to define it, damaging the site, intent to cause harm, spamming etc) - Demotion of rank (Along with loss of specialties/etc gained from said rank), loss of 100-150 CR and loss of 500-1000 NP
  • Severe Infraction (Returning from a ban, being banned etc etc) - Loss of character, forced to start/remain at genin for a period of time, loss of elite spot/weapons/items, loss of 200-300 CR and loss of 1000-1500 NP

Of course there are other punishments we may choose to enforce, the main one that comes to mind is a large increase in word count for training chakra if we have found you have tried to take it from other sites. We find this to be in poor taste. Along with choosing how and just what to enforce on particularly people.

Reminder: Members found trying to force staff to punish another member can/may result in that member being punished also. We don't take these lightly, but we will enforce them when needed, we usually give a warning first depending on the member. But like anythings, it depends on the situation, if the member is in good standing, and knows better.
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Crime and Punishment
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