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General Rules

First off, welcome to our site. For someone of you, welcome back after such a long time. For others, we welcome you just as warmly. I wanted to start off on the right foot with everyone, and hope you all thoroughly enjoy your stay here. We are a liberal, open minded and as fair as we get humanly possibly get site. I'm going to start off by telling you a little bit about myself.

I'm the Queen, but in title only. I'm the founder/owner of this wonderful site, and I welcome you all here. I've been role playing (read rping) on and off for years. I've had my fair share of experiences, some great, some good, some bad and some I just won't mention. I'm a pretty tolerant and open minded individual, but I do have some lines and things that bother me, just like everyone else. For starters, I've been on so many sites over the years that I've developed a robotic approaching to handling things. Staff, people, role playing and all else. Now, I'm branching out on my own and starting my own site. So, thanks for reading that little stick, all you have to do is when you make a character update, say The Queen has a new leaf, and get 150 free ninja points. Pretty neat huh

The Queen

【 Site Rules 】
└Respect┘ - I believe here on this site, my site, that we should all respect each other enough not to harass, embarrass or stalk other members, staff and peers. Staff makes mistakes, members make mistakes, its the circle of life. What I do not like, or tolerate for that matter. Is members not respecting staff, or vice versa. I don't want to see members going on and harassing staff over decisions, outcomes and there opinions, its not right or fair. Please don't do it
└Rules┘ - The site rules are here for both yourself, and other members. They are not to be used as a club to beat an argument into staff, or to force a ruling in your favor. The rules are at the digression of staff, if your easily offended, or constantly picking fights, do not use the rules to garner support, if you do it, your just as at fault as anyone else.
└Editing Post(s)┘ - Any post(s) that are found to be edited, without direct authorization from staff will be 100% voided and you will be liable for any and all hits and considered as if you didn't post. Also, editing posts to kill someone due to a 48 hour hit when your attack would not have killed them is also considered void and you will "lose" the opportunity to get said 48 hour hit. If multiple events occur you can be banned or stripped of power/status.
└Common Sense┘ - Spamming, Harassment, Advertising on the chatbox, invisible text and abuse of system shall not be tolerated. Common Sense, its our common sense, not yours.  
└Meta-gaming┘ - This site doesn't tolerate meta-gaming, nor do we tolerate meta-gaming attempts in vast scales. Such as buying 500 camera's to record everything in your village, or nation wide jutsu to record everyone who enters/leaves the village. Such attempts will be denied and/or voided. Don't be a cheap-sake, do your own roleplaying.
└God-Modding┘ - There is no god-modding. While characters are similar in strength and skill, there are subtle differences and attempts to circumvent those differences won't be allowed.
└Loopholing┘ - You're encouraged to find loopholes. No system is perfect. The chuunin exams won't be perfect and you can loophole the rules as long as you logically can't be caught. Things will be fixed if they are abused enough, though. They won't ever be fixed for a topic in progress unless the rules are IC rules like chuunin exam rules that are announced publicly IC. The only restriction are contests, they are loophole proof (As they are OOC)
└Good Standing┘ - Often times around out site, you'll see references to "in good standing" which is a polite way of saying, not someone who is a SOB on our site. Someone who hasn't been banned, cheated, quit or is constantly causing trouble or flaming others.
└Auto-Hitting┘ - Auto-hitting will be voided and the punishment will result because of it. Simply put, just don't do it. This also stems into detailing what another character has, and using optimized location factor. Which is to say, don't detail what another character has, and don't detail where another ninja is. PERIOD, this includes things like saying another ninja is in a pit of snakes because he/she failed to say they weren't.
└Abuse/Biased┘ - Here on our site, we take such claims seriously, but we aren't so naive to just take everything as stated. Abuse is a serious accusation, so is being called biased. We strive to prevent things, but it inevitability happens.  As such, we take them with serious nature, and hope members do as well. As such, any/all abuse claims will be forwarded to a moderator and admin duo, and they will handle the nature of the case. But be warned, abuse comes with punishments, especially so on members who scream abuse and don't have anything to back it up. I personally don't care what happened on another site this one time, or way back 8 years ago between two people. I care about what happens on my site, while I'm running it. If a member is going to say abuse, I'm going to make sure its followed up. If a member isn't going to follow up with it, they will please be asked to stop saying it, and if they continue they shall be docked Ninja Points or in harsh cases Chakra Resources. I DO NOT take allegations of abuse lightly.

【 Chat Box Rules 】
└Advertising┘ There are only a few things I can't stand on the chat box, and that's advertising your site, or bashing our religiously. I don't like it, I don't want it on my site and I don't want to catch people doing it. I won't mince words, I can't stand this, and its serious enough that you'll be fined around 200-500 Ninja Points for it. Simple, DON'T DO IT
└Spoilers┘ Put images in spoilers, its not that hard, please do it. All images must be in spoilers
└Don't have a definition┘ But I know it when I see it. You all should be familiar with this rule, don't be posting nasty, gross, perverted stuff in the chatbox. Its disgusting and it won't stand. There may be other things equally as disgusting but we have this as a rule.  
└I mean it┘ As The Founder and Owner of this site, I ask and implore everyone to listen. When I say enough, I mean enough. No more arguing, whining, complaining, bitching, moaning or anything. I'm pretty tolerant of a lot of "freedom" people come to "expect" to have on a site, but what I can't abide by is when people constantly push and push after enough has been said.  

【 Post Rules 】
└Post Time┘ 48 hours is your time for posting. If you don't post within that time when it's your turn then you CAN be skipped.
└Post Order┘ Post order should be followed. You post after the person who posted before you. If new people join the topic they'll posted after the person who posted before them. The order isn't ever disrupted unless everybody in the topic agrees for it to be.
└One-liners┘ No one liners or ugly posts if you can. There's no specific word count for a reason. If people use one liners or ugly posts constantly but they're noobs then their posts won't be voided. They'll be taught how to get better after that post or they'll be killed along with teaching. But, if people are known as good RPers they shouldn't have constant one liner posts.
└Good Standing┘ Often times around out site, you'll see references to "in good standing" which is a polite way of saying, not someone who is a SOB on our site. Someone who hasn't been banned, cheated, quit or is constantly causing trouble or flaming others.  
└Feigned Malleability┘ There comes a time when something happens that catches your attention else where in the forum. Could be a event in another land, could be a fight just outside your village. This comes from the idea that people randomly stroll into your area for either help or threat. This type of malleability is most often found in character personalities, but sometimes is born from simply stupidity. Its not allowed, nor tolerated. If your trying to reflect that you like this person you just met, and also kill this other person you just met, there should be no biased process. Staff isn't stupid, if your OOC friends/buddies with someone, we know that your just feigning your malleability and will ask you to change accordingly. If it happens to often, we'll simply tell you how your "malleable/crazy character" is going to act next, and it 100% will be fighting your allies/friends/villagers. Once and a while is fine, but if suddenly an organization pops up with all your friends that have no connection to each other, prepare for some pimp slaps.  [/color]
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