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 Summon Information and Template

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Summon Information and Template Chuunin
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PostSubject: Summon Information and Template   Summon Information and Template EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 4:48 pm

Name of Contract: What is your contract's name/title (Who has signed it)
Species/Type of Summon: What type of summon are they, dogs, hawks, lions, remember to be specific, saying "Birds" will force us to ask you to be specific
Element associated with contract: What element is associated with your summons
Summoning Process: Blood, ritual, etc etc
Specialty Association: What is the "main" specialty associated with this contract (One that all summons must process)
Current holder of the contact: Who currently holds the contract? Or where is it located?
Is it completed?: Is it a completed contract, yes or no


[b]Name of Contract:[/b]
[b]Species/Type of Summon:[/b]
[b]Element associated with contract:[/b]
[b]Summoning Process:[/b]
[b]Specialty Association:[/b]
[b]Current holder of the contact:[/b]
[b]Is it completed?:[/b]
Individual Summons

Name: (This where you place the name of the summon which you are calling out. Like, Gamabunta.)
Rank: (Is your summon D, or C, or B, or A, or S)

Description: (Also, give height/weight/size indications, remembering the larger the summon, the higher the rank)
Personality: (How does your summon act, what are his traits etc etc)

Abilities/Jutsu's: (Does your summon have an abilities or jutsu's, list them here in detail)
Hindrance/Weaknesses: (Summons aren't another character, they have specific weaknesses and hindrances, the main being the opposite element associated. However please least there weaknesses, one for each ability)


[b]Name:[/b] (
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Summon Information and Template
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